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This program offers children a strong foundation in Songahm Taekwondo and essential character qualities such as confidence, respect, and discipline. It is designed to improve both motor and cognitive skills which will enhance their ability to pay attention and follow directions in all environments. Stranger danger and bully prevention skills are taught that are specifically designed to protect and empower them in their interaction. Physical skills such as balance, strength and coordination are developed .

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Self-Esteem teaches children to celebrate the joy of being themselves.

Respect is not what you know, it’s what you do.

Communication is how we look, how we listen, what we say and what we do.

Belief is about teaching students to believe in themselves as well as other people.

Discipline is to obey what is right. Honesty is the first step to an abundant life.

Finally we teach kids about setting SMART Goals and help them with the steps needed to achieve their goals.

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Taekwondo – Students learn the foundation of Songahm Taekwondo and practice blocks, strikes and kicks. Stranger danger and bully prevention.